With a combination of over 100 years experience in the Container industry, the Team Members of Container Sales (UK) Ltd are fully equipped to provide you with all the assistance you're ever likely to need.


Keith brings the benefit of 35 years experience in the container industry, having started out buying and selling containers, aged 18, on Sunderland Docks. In 1991 he established Container Sales & Hire Ltd, which had depots in Sunderland, Manchester, Wakefield and Birmingham. It was acquired in 2000 by MSG now known as Mobile Mini Inc. In the year Keith co-founded Container Sales (UK) Ltd, 2002, the first new PTLU containers began to arrive from China built specially for resale. Realising their endless possibilities, Keith changed the business model to be in the forefront of the revolution in container sales which has developed ever since.


Carl has been working in the container business since leaving school in 1996. He joined the company which became Ravenstock MSG and gained experience at depots in Gateshead and Sunderland and MSG’s Los Angeles HQ. In 2004 he became Depot Manager at Heysham and then later Middlesbrough, before joining us in 2007 as Container Sales Manager, becoming a Director in 2014. Carl is an avid golfer, plays cricket and enjoys eating out and cooking in. He lives with wife Hayley - also a container professional - his three year old daughter and twelve year old son in Washington.


After beginning his career in merchant banking, Charles worked for ten years in the international container leasing industry. In 1982, utilising this experience, he started CCA (Combined Container Agencies), buying, selling and leasing shipping containers. Eighteen years later he sold the business to MSG. Co-founder of Container Sales (UK) Ltd in 2002, in 2014 he sold his shares back to the company but still retains close ties, drawing upon over 40 years in the container industry to advise on special projects.


Carl’s sister Claire joined the team in October 2015, bringing with her 15 years experience as a branch manager for Thomas Cook. With our volume of work we are happily able to satisfy her need "to keep very busy." Indeed, her pet hate is laziness, so it's not surprising she teaches classes in the community as a qualified fitness instructor and puts of lot of energy into socialising. Married to Scott, they have two young sons and a cocker spaniel and live in Washington.