Our exclusive factory-to-front-door service. The factory is in China. The front door is wherever you are. The service was pioneered by us and is implemented just by Maersk, the world’s largest container shipping line, and their UK logistics business, Pentalver.

This means unbeatably fast delivery of your order, unlimited stocks, assured quality and significant savings.  Here’s how our exclusive service works.
Our containers are built in China to the highest specifications expressly for Maersk, who import them to the UK filled with one-way cargo. Once this is discharged, Pentalver inspect the containers to ensure they are in ex-factory condition before distribution.

They are classed as “newbuild” and conform to international standards such as ISO, UIC, TIR and CSC.

All Pentalver containers are domesticated and classified for home use with HMRC.

Significant savings

The containers have worked their passage by carrying cargo for Maersk and been handled by Pentalver – just one organisation throughout. So the supply chain couldn’t be simpler. This results in significant savings which we pass on to our customers.

Maersk build these containers in batches of 3,000. That means we always have stocks available for immediate delivery – a factory to front door service unique to Container Sales (UK) Ltd.


Container Sales (UK) Ltd are able to provide these from our own stocks throughout the UK for immediate delivery. As they are designed for use in a marine environment, they have a very long life expectancy for storage or conversion to accommodation or retail use. They all feature high locking bars for ease of use; 28mm treated marine grade plywood; factory fitted lock box; blue or green exterior finish and ventilation.



Whereas standard shipping containers are 8'6" high, hi-cube containers give you an extra foot in height, standing at 9'6". Available at 20' and 40' long, they are ideal for tall loads, for squeezing more cargo inside, to convert for use as a building or to store tall equipment such as a digger. A 20’ hi-cube container provides 150 cubic ft more internal available space, and a 40’ version an extra 310 cubic ft.



Also known as Tunnel-Tainers, Double Door containers come in 20' x 8' and 40' x 8', and in a choice of 8'6" high or 9'6" high Hi-Cube. They have doors at both ends to allow for the loading/unloading from either end. For Self-Storage companies, they provide the opportunity to partition the container into two units.



These containers allow loading through the standard end doors or the doors which open up the complete length of one side. They are ideal where loading and unloading of goods is required through the side or where the front doors are not accessible. Available in 20' or 40' versions, they make a great storage or transport solution for extra-large parts, such as machinery, or over-sized cargoes such as pipes, wood or other building materials.