We have a clear set of working principles – innovation, investment, simplicity and honouring our promises. From our headquarters in the North East of England we have applied our values to become the premier independent supplier to the UK container industry.


We set up the business in 2002 in order to source used containers for the international storage company now known as Mobile Mini. In that year “one-way” containers began arriving from China. Newly manufactured, they were packed with cargo bound for the UK. Once unloaded these containers became available for sale, being classified as “new-build”. 

Having worked their passage, they cost considerably less than new containers shipped empty and less than half the price of anything manufactured in the UK. Quick to recognise this advantage, we led the way in acquiring large stocks of these containers to sell on.


Our business model was, and still is, the capability to supply new-build containers directly to the customers’ sites nationwide, in whatever type and quantity they want. The only way to fulfil our promises and deliver this service successfully is to have ownership and control of enough containers to meet all contingencies.

At any one time we hold stock worth around £2 million - large and resilient enough to cope with any demand, for example: an order for 200 containers to transport a dismantled petrochemical plant; or for 500 containers to store fireworks at retail outlets nationwide.

For back-up we can call upon resources of Maersk, the world’s largest container shipping line, and their UK logistics partner, Pentalver. We are Pentalver’s largest trade partner for both newbuild and used containers. In addition, we’ve invested massively in depot space, such as the five acre sites at Cumbernauld and Gateshead.


Although we are a big name in the container industry we are surprisingly lean. We don’t refurbish or convert containers. Instead, we entrust non-core functions to companies with whom we have long-term alliances, such as Pentalver and Universal Containers. We simply concentrate on buying, stocking, selling and delivering our containers from depots at whichever of our key locations is the nearest to you, namely: Cumbernauld, Coatbridge, Grangemouth, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Immingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Felixstowe, London Tilbury, London Gateway and Southampton. Keeping things simple allows us to consistently keep prices competitive, our service responsive…

and honour our promises